The One Dress Every Woman Must Own, Thanks to Kim Kardashian West

It's a fact that Kim Kardashian West has nailed comfortable bodycon dressing. The piece in her wardrobe that gets the most use, we've all determined, is her ankle skimming "Fatal" dress that's more like a jersey body tube than anything else. 

Not only has Kim shown off just how versatile a seamless tube dress can be can be, (a high-waisted skirt, a midi-length dress, the perfect layering piece), she also proselytized her famous friends (and family), about its awesomeness, Chrissy Teigen has gotten on board, Khloe Kardashian and of course Kim's own doppelgänger Kylie Jenner have seen the value of this $215 piece. 


A dress that most needed no improvement got a few, courtesy of your friends here at For one, we've made it so affordable every woman really has to have it, no excuse. (Pssst, ours is only going to set you back about $50 bucks). If that wasn't reason enough, let us explain the ways: 

You may not be the quick-change artist who goes in for dinner in one outfit, and out the door in another, but why shouldn't you be? From work to cocktails, this dress suits both. At work we love it paired beneath a sweater and blazer (or leather jacket, you badass you). Then off to destress, swap the flats for heels and ditch the sweater, you've got a look worthy of any evening function. 


Did we mention this dress also transforms from a skirt to even a top. Ours doesn't crease, is easy to pack and takes up no room in your purse or suitcase. Our Fatal dress by FROCK Los Angeles even suits pregnant women, so no need to invest solely in maternity clothes. 

Just like the versatility of our other pieces, (The Mariah, Lauren, Abby, and Angie), this is a piece that will work for you. You'll need at least one, if not two. Thankfully, we've got you covered. 

Our Kim Fatal Strapless Bodycon Tube Dress