The Ultimate Guide to Undergarments - Under Every Type of Garment

FROCK designer and stylist Victoria Tik has spent over seven years designing slinky, backless, bodycon, and intricate cut-out styles. Through her experience with design and red carpet styling, she has build up a dossier of tips and an arsenal in her styling kit to combat any kind of undergarment dilemma. 

Here are seven of her best rules and products to follow/use: It's not always pretty, but it works!

1. Nude is the Color of Your Skin Tone

"Functional undergarments are not usually pretty so don't get hung on on that idea. When it comes to finding a safe choice I always opt for nude. And when I say nude, I mean it should match your skin tone. Don't make the mistake of wearing a "nude" just for the sake of it. Always, always match your skin tone, if that means ivory or mocha that's your nude." - Victoria Tik

2. Cut the Details

Cut off any extra details on undergarments because they always show. Satin bows, thick lace, choose for a seamless style or cut off the frills yourself. 

3. Stick It

The best bra for backless is still currently the sticky backless kind. They come in a huge variety from silicone (to add a cup size) to plunging or underwire. They're come a long way and work if you're not looking for a lift.



4. Have an Alterations Expect on Speed Dial

Always have an alterations expert handy or Yelp! one nearby. Not only for garments but even for undergarments, yes! They can easily stitch bras to dresses, sew in cups, shorten straps... you name it. It's not easy looking fabulous but it's absolutely doable. 

5. Don't go too Small

"A common problem I see are undergarments that are too small. When it's too tight, it creates added humps and bumps so when in doubt, go one size up." - Victoria Tik

6. Be Prepared & Shop for it Now

To avoid having to rush out after you've purchased that incredible dress, fill your kit beforehand with nude seamless underwear in a variety of styles (thong, boy short, high-waisted, knee length shorts) and have sticky backless bras and silicon pasties at the ready. 

7. If nothing else works, try KT tape

"My biggest secret when styling for the red-carpet is KT tape (kinesiology tape) and I get it in the Beige variety. When nothing else works I just cut pieces of the tape and stretch it where a client may want support (or added support). It goes where no Spanx can go!" - Victoria Tik



KT tape can be used under the breasts for added lift or to control problem areas like the lower abdomen. The tape stretches and actually lasts for days. It's also easy to peel off and reapply if you don't get it right the first try.