3 Color - Natural Gray

3 Color - Natural Gray


For a more natural approach, these tri-color lenses blend 3 versions of the same shade family that’s both alluring and believable. This blend of gray with hints of brown and blue, is sure to enhance and charm anyone lucky enough to be in your line of sight.


  • Style: Opaque (good on ALL eye colors incl. brown)

  • Contents: 2 sterile soft lenses 

  • 62% Polymacon 38% water 

  • BC 8.60MM 

  • DIAMETER 14.5MM 

  • Lifecycle 1 Year

  • Cosmetic Use Only (Power 0.00)

  • Lifespan 5 Years Unopened

Shipping & Handling Time

Please allow 1-2 business days for processing while shipping for U.S. orders will take 3-5 business days.

PLEASE NOTE: Color may vary depending on existing eye colour/skin tone/eye shape/lighting. Color is not guaranteed to look the same as depicted here, since filters/colors/lighting can all effect the outcome.

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